Altapoint EHR Software Review

Altapoint EHR software offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to reduce time spent charting and improving patient care. Altapoint EHR also offers a web-based module that can be used on tablet or touch screen computers. Its patient kiosk feature lets patients fill out their medical history online. These features allow doctors to spend more time on patient care, rather than charting.

AltaPoint, a CMS-1500- and ICD-10-compliant practice management system, can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. This software is ideal for those who work in medical offices that specialize in substance abuse and mental health. The software includes an H7 interface, which allows users to connect third-party electronic medical records (EHRs) or other applications. The software features that are most important include authorization tracking and advance claim management, appointment booking, appointment scheduling, collection module management, patient profile management, inventory management, and collection modules.

Electronic medical records

Altapoint is a leading provider of electronic medical records and has products for every medical specialty and every state in the union. Its user-friendly software enables medical organizations to go paperless, increase efficiency, and provide better care for patients. Its services are affordable, and its customers have received a high level of customer support.

AltaPointe’s EMR includes tools for prescription writing and checking for drug interactions. It can also import lab and radiology reports. Its diagnostic and therapeutic sections let physicians access patient information from anywhere and can improve diagnosis and treatment. The system is scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of any medical practice.

AltaPoint’s EMR applications are largely used in specialty practices, including psychiatry clinics. It can be configured to enable a VPN for secure communications. A Medical Transcriptions Service enables transcribers to access the EMR software through a server-to-server link. With this, transcribers can document physician narrations.

Revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management with AltaPoint is a comprehensive practice management solution that provides patient billing and insurance billing, customizable statements, and unmatched reporting options. It has desktop and web-based solutions, native apps for iOS and Android, and connects to hundreds of EHRs. It offers medical practices all the tools they need to improve the revenue cycle and improve patient care.

The goal of revenue cycle management is to obtain payments for services in a timely manner. This requires compliance with the guidelines and deadlines set by payers. Otherwise, claims may be denied or become delinquent. Obtaining payment in a timely manner ensures that your business’ finances remain stable. When payments are late, your bottom line suffers.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is an essential process in the healthcare industry. It includes every step from a patient’s initial visit to the last bill. Effective revenue cycle management encompasses all the steps necessary to collect payment for the services your practice has provided. According to Greenway research, only 62% of practices review delinquent claims and 59% file secondary claims. Revenue cycle management is the foundation of a profitable practice and makes it easier for you to focus on patient care.

When you are considering revenue cycle management with Altapoint, remember that you may have to pay for monthly fees or a monthly subscription. Also, make sure to inquire about the price of the software, Owner’s Manual, and support services. Whether or not you need technical support is another consideration. If you need help, Altapoint offers excellent support.

No Need Third Party Application

It provides an interface that allows users to view amazing charts and Practice fusion EHR vendors without the need for a third party application. AltaPoint has a practice spotlight feature which allows users to see a single screen view of important practice statistics such as daily patient count, billable work, payment status, daily payments and revenue from copayers.

The practice management software offers multi-provider scheduling, revenue cycle management, practice analysis, insurance billing, and practice analysis. AltaPoint’s electronic prescription feature allows users send refills and orders to nearly 70,000 pharmacies across the country. It also conforms to 5010 standards Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA), which ensures that patients’ Health Information (PHI), is safe from theft, natural disaster, and loss.

Several Solutions

AltaPoint offers several solutions for physicians and practices of all sizes. It caters to many specialty groups including pediatric, family medicine, urology, ophthalmology, and immunology. Its flexibility makes it ideal for a growing practice. It is also available in a cloud-based version for medical practices.

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