Beas Kund Trek Package and itinerary 


The Beas Kund, which is regarded as a holy lake, is located in the Kullu Valley and is the source of the River Beas. It’s believed that Rishi Vyas used to take his diurnal bath in the pristine water of this lake that’s perched at an altitude of,650 measures in the stage of. Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters. Snaking and passing through the Solang vale the trail to Beas Kund offers an invigorating experience and the trip is filled with several surprises at each turn. 

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The Beas Kund Trek

Which is considered one of the easiest journeys in the Himachal Himalayan region is also a short journey of three days from the popular hill station of Manali that’s put away at a height of,050 measures. 

The potent swash of Beas originates from Beas Kund positioned at an altitude of,772 ft in Himachal Pradesh. Sage Vyas was believed to take bath in Beas swash at Beas Kund while he meditated and wrote the holy Hindu epic Mahabharat. 

The journey to Beas Kund starts from the heart of Himachal Pradesh Manali. This journey offers you stylish graphic views of your continent. While on the trail, walk alongside the beautiful Beas, swash through the thick timber of oak, fir, and walnuts, and catch the view of snow peaks like Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi, and Hanuman Tibba. From the peak, one is also suitable to spot Mt Indrasen, Deo Tibba, and further peaks from the Pir Panjal range. This journey is suitable for newcomers and is a perfect weekend flight from your mundane life. 

Quick Word 

  •  Beas Kund journey distance 16 km 
  •  Beas Kund journey temperature 10 to 20 degree 
  •  Beas Kund journey is the best time to visit May to July and September to October are the stylish months for the journey. 
  • Beas Kund altitude,772 ft 
  •  Beas Kund journey difficulty position Easy to moderate 

 Drive from the beautiful city of Manali to Solang Base Camp and Trek to Dhundi 

 Trek distance: 8 km, Trek time- 5 to 6 hours journey 

 Altitude: 730 ft to,156 ft 

 Reflections: Lunch and regale 

 Stay: Camp 

Trek from Dhundi to Bakarthatch and then to Beas Kund and back to Dhundi 

Trek distance: 12 km, Trek time- 8 to 9 hours journey 

Altitude:156 ft to,465 ft to,772 ft and back 

Reflections: Breakfast, lunch, and regale 

Stay: Camp 

Trek from Dhundi to Solang Valley and then drive to Manali 

Trek distance: 8 km, Trek time- 5 to 6 hours journey 

Altitude: 156 ft to,730 ft 

Reflections: Lunch and regale 

Stay: Camp 

Detailed Itinerary 

First day

  • Meet your journey companion and after a quick briefing session starts your journey to Dhundi Village. 
  • The snow-limited mountains are visible throughout the trail as you pass through the thick timbers of Oak, Fir, and Walnuts. 
  • It’ll be an 8 km journey and will take you 5 to 6 hours to reach. 
  • Upon reaching Dhundi, check into the campground and freshen up. 
  • Dhundi is notorious for its stunning view of the Hanuman Tibba. 
  • The evening is free for rest, soak into the beautiful views around and spend some fun time with fellow trippers
  • Around the campfire under a star-speckled sky. 

 Second day

  • Wake up to the beautiful view of Hanuman tibba and after a luscious breakfast start your much-awaited journey to Beas Kund via Bakarthatch. 
  • Walk through the Lush green meadows filled with the original goatherds alongside the Beast swash. 
  • Arrive at Beas Kund after a 4- 5 hour of journey.
  • Have your packed lunch near the swash and enjoy the mystical views of the girding at the same time. 
  • After spending some time at the Beas Kund, start your journey back to Dhundi. 
  • Enjoy the soothing decor of the beautiful snow-limited mountains as you descend. 
  • Upon reaching the campground have your regale and rest for the day in camps under the sky full of stars. 

Third day

  • Start your trip towards Solang Base Camp. 
  • Reach Solang and start your trip back to Manali. 
  • Reach Manali approximately by the evening as your memorable and sweet Manali experience comes to an end. 

The unforgettable experience, that will stay with you forever. visit this place with friends and family. They forever talk about the experience, as this trek hold lot of memories.

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