Benefits of having 10,000 Facebook followers

As you know, apart from creating a personal profile on Facebook, you can also create a Facebook page. And there can be many reasons for creating a page, but that page is more beneficial when it has more than 10,000 Facebook followers. 

In today’s blog, I will tell you the benefits of having 10K Facebook followers. If you want to know more about it, you can read it by visiting Followersindia. But if you only want to generate essential benefits, read this blog until the end.

Some Facebook statistics you should know

  • Most of the Facebook users in the world are from India. The total is 329 million total users. And there are about 2.9 billion Motley Fool active users. 
  • There are about 1.91 million users who are online on Facebook every day. 
  • 93% of social media marketers use Facebook ads. 
  • It is ranked number three among the most visited sites. Google is in the first place, and YouTube is in the second place. 
  • More than 200 million businesses use Facebook. 
  • About 500 million people watch Daily Videos videos on Facebook. 
  • More than 1.8 million people use or are connected to Facebook groups.

Your posts will be seen by many users

Whenever you have liked someone’s Facebook page on Facebook, you will see that, according to their followers, there will be very few likes on their posts. 

This is because, according to the Facebook algorithm, your post will not be visible to more than 4% of your total followers. That’s why on some pages, despite having 1000 followers, only 30-40 likes come. 

But if you have 10,000 Facebook followers, then your 200 followers will definitely see the posts. That’s why there are more followers.

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Your page can be eligible for monetization

It is true to say that you do not get any money when you get 10,000 Facebook followers. But you can earn an income from it. Because after completing 10,000 followers on FB, your page becomes eligible for monetization. 

Meaning you can earn by running ads on your Facebook videos. That is why a page gets the benefit only until its page has more than 10,000 followers.

Paid promotion

Unless you have a small number of Facebook followers, you will not be able to drive organic traffic to your page or make more people aware of it. But if you have more than 10k likes on your Facebook page, then you will have many benefits. 

Because many people promote their services, products, or any content from pages with the most followers. And in return, they also give money. So, if you have more followers, you will have a golden opportunity to generate income. 

And nowadays, many people are getting paid promotions. Because the creators who have a larger audience promote something, the information about that thing can reach more people.

The user’s trust increases

Before you like or share any page content on Facebook, you must have checked how many followers are on that page. Because this tells you that if there will be more followers, then that page is putting the right and good content. 

But if you do not have more Facebook followers, then people will not trust your page that much. If you sell something online, then people will hesitate a little before buying it.

Increase in Sales

Do you know that the Facebook followers of your business page can play an important role in increasing your sales? Because if you have more than 10k followers on your Facebook page, then your buyers will see that you are a trustworthy brand. 

That is why if the followers are not much, then you have to start putting full content on it. because promotional content will not increase your audience size. 


By reading the content that I have written in this blog, you must have come to know how many benefits there can be to having more than 10,000 Facebook page followers. But if organically you are not able to gain so many followers, then there is a solution for that too. 

You can buy Facebook followers in India from the followerindia website. And don’t think that buying followers is right? Actually, it depends on which site you are taking service from. 

You can also contact us by visiting this website, which will clear all your doubts. And if you have any issues after taking the service, you can still get them resolved.

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