Best Lighting modern houses

The lighting of modern houses is not an easy task. Keep in mind that it affects the atmosphere and the mood that we want to generate in the spaces.
In the first place, for the choice of home lighting, it is essential to know the spaces, measurements, furniture, and decoration.
This will help us know where to place the LED lights or decorative lamps and what type to choose.
For this, it is best to have the housing plans to carry out a study. In addition to having a minimum of knowledge in interior design.

Lighting modern houses with the latest trends in lighting

There is currently a trend to use modern spotlights for the home, integrated into the “timeless” ceiling. These spotlights are adjustable and are ideal for replacing traditionally led spotlights for houses. Less minimalist and made with a frame or tabs.
In addition, using integrated elements gives flexibility in the interior of modern houses.
With this type of luminaire, we achieve a clean perception with a refined ceiling image. Above all, leaving the leading role to architecture.

How to light a kitchen

In this space is where more time is spent and on many occasions, it is necessary to combine a work light with another more ambient one. We can use strips or LED spotlights on the countertop and pendant lamps on the kitchen table.

Using modern lamps in the kitchen can give your space a very modern style. Decorative light with elements of copper, brass, or aged paints goes very well with the materials of the furniture and appliances.

In the interior light of homes, many times, as in the photos, we reinforce the construction elements with recessed floor spotlights on columns.

Corridor lighting and home stair lighting

In this area, there are many ideas to create pleasant and different environments. In some projects, we rely on the installation of a linear LED strip with a warm temperature to give it contrast and vividness.
Another idea for the corridors or stairs is to use recessed beacons in walls as a courtesy light. It is essential to leave a correct focus distance depending on the effect you want to achieve.
These ideas are different from that of urging lights or lamps for corridors. This type of light for modern houses is becoming more and more fashionable.

In thethe dining room in the main image, our adjustable « » hanging lamp is suspended over the billiard table. Getting to gives a remarkable effect in the lighting of this modern house.

Bedroom Lighting

For the lighting of the rooms, we thought about the best way to distribute the spotlights on the ceiling. And on the bedside table, a decorative lamp with a glass element as a screen was placed. Another of the ideas in the lighting of the bedroom was the custom manufacturing of a Led coat rack.

The latest in interior lighting is to install a control system through an app on ios or android to generate different scenes and environments. This gives possibilities and flexibility to interior-led.

Characteristics in lighting modern houses

Thanks to LED technology, it was possible to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Due to all this to the Dali regulation, the color temperature of 2700ºK and a high color reproducibility CRI>90 with our Led modules.
It is important to know that the color temperature can vary between different manufacturers. Therefore, special care must be taken in choosing LED for the home and the other luminaires. With this, we will ensure that there are no great differences in the tonality and it does not distort the harmony or generate what we would colloquially call “a fair”

We are involved in your project until the end. In addition to being manufacturers, we control all technical and decorative aspects, creating environments in accordance with the functionality and wishes of our customers. Above all, our goal is to achieve the best interior for your home. Therefore, if you need a project in your home or advice to illuminate your flat, do not hesitate to contact us.

Led lighting company in Madrid

Luz y Color 2000 is a lighting company with more than 25 years of experience in Madrid. Dedicated to the design, manufacture, and marketing of LED luminaires for any type of space. We use state-of-the-art LED lighting to meet the needs of energy saving and eco-sustainability. 

In addition, the Luz y Color team is constantly searching for optimal light solutions. In this sense, the company incorporates the latest advances for the development of new products. Our objective is to offer our clients the maximum possibilities to satisfy all the requirements that they demand of us.

What do we offer?

Entrusting lighting projects to Luz y Color 2000 to ensure the best results while saving resources. 

personalized treatment

We are experts in materials and installation of LED lighting in fully customized projects. Our team is made up of specialists in LED luminaires, and they are always willing to answer any questions. In addition, we advise on the convenience of the manufacturing process, cost assessment, initial prototypes, pre-series, etc.

decorative lighting

In Luz y Color 2000 you can find the latest trends in decorative lighting. We are distributors, developers, and installers of all types of decorative LED luminaires. 

custom lighting

A very important part of our activity is lighting design and the manufacture of special “Custom-made” products. As well as adaptations of standard products. We design and manufacture your custom product. 

standard products

We have a line of self-manufactured products, constantly updated by our design and development department. For this reason, we have high-quality and safe products in all our products.

Benefits of Luz y Color 2000 lighting projects

Good lighting in spaces can increase the productivity of tasks, reduce distractions, and also plays an essential role in saving resources. In Luz y Color 2000 you can find the most suitable solutions for any need:


We always install and develop LED luminaires, since for us efficiency is essential in projects. 

Energy Saving

Saving up to 60% of energy is possible by acquiring LED lighting from Luz y Color 2000.


Being a technical lighting company. Luz y Color controls all the processes at its facilities in Madrid. Due to this, it allows us to guarantee the quality of all our products. Likewise, we transmit confidence and closeness to our clients, we accompany them in each lighting project until the end.

LED lighting projects

Our technical department studies any project that customers request. We propose, in collaboration with our clients, the most suitable solutions. We study your premises or home, the decoration, the appropriate lighting level, the type of product, and its function… In the same way, we carry out the implementation in CAD. And once the project phase is over, we make an assessment of the agreed proposal.

LED lighting in offices and industrial buildings

As a lighting company in Madrid, we install LED luminaires in offices and industrial buildings. LED lighting in these spaces has a great possibility of being profitable, in general, they are very large areas in which it is interesting to change conventional lighting for efficient equipment. 

LED lighting homes and neighborhood communities 

It is true that LED lighting in private homes and neighborhood communities does not mean very high energy savings. But its installation is recommended before any traditional lighting system. At Luz y Color 2000 we can install motion detectors with LED to progressively reduce energy consumption. 

LED lighting for hotels and shops

At Luz y Color we are an LED lighting company for restaurants and shops in Madrid. Our team is capable of considerably reducing energy consumption and costs, keeping the identity and image of the premises intact. We define the luminaire aesthetics according to the client’s requirements, we choose the most suitable luminaires for the environment of the premises and we comply with the appropriate energy savings. 

Hospital LED lighting

We provide comprehensive LED solutions for hospitals. We follow the recommendations set by health according to the areas of attention. At Luz y Color 2000 we put all our efforts into improving the well-being of the patient and the performance of the hospital workers or auxiliaries.

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