Best solar panel companies in Latin America

The best solar panel companies in Latin America are Celsia (Colombia), Enlight (Mexico), Eolicasolar (Chile), Energy (Argentina), and Miami (Nicaragua).

When evaluating the companies that sell photovoltaic panels, a variety of criteria were analyzed, such as services they offer, time in the market or years of experience, customers, and the number of installed photovoltaic panels or systems.

National Chocolate Company

Some companies that install solar panels offer financing, leasing, and direct purchase options to fit a variety of budgets and needs when it comes to installing photovoltaic panels.

Whether you’re considering going solar to help preserve the environment or save money, these are the best companies to choose from in Latin America.

Celsia has a presence in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras with a generation capacity of 1,810 MW from 28 hydro, thermal, photovoltaic, wind power plants, and solar projects.

Autonomous University of Occident

It is a company founded in 1919, although it started in other businesses, it is in 2007 that it begins to focus on the energy sector, especially photovoltaics.

They account for more than a million clients between universities, institutions, shopping centers, food companies, homes (residential), and companies (corporate). Among them are:

• National Chocolate Company

Among his completed projects:

They use the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) business model that provides double benefits: to the consumer because he pays a kind of flat rate for the consumption of a certain amount of energy during a specific time and to the supplier because he receives the income from electricity sales, as well as tax credits and other incentives generated by the system.

Celsia is a company that is strongly committed to environmental conservation, beyond the sale and installation of solar panels, with its ReverdeC project in which they have planted 5.7 million trees in 41 municipalities of Valle, Antioquia, and Tolima, thus protecting 34 hydrographic basins.


Enlight is a Mexican company that installs Solar Panels Castle Rock, energy storage systems, and operation, monitoring, and maintenance of solar panels. The company also stands out for its accessible payment options for its potential customers.

Although Enlight has ten years of experience in the market, it has positioned itself as the company that has installed the most solar panel systems on roofs in Mexico for a total of 117 GWh of photovoltaic energy supply and with 68,094 tons of CO2 mitigated.

IDEAL Chile (Grupo Bimbo): 6,500 photovoltaic panels installed.

This company has worked with the trade and services sector, the food and beverage industry, textiles, and manufacturing, among others. It has projects in more than 47 cities in the country. Some examples:
Friars Group: 29,681 photovoltaic panels installed.

Chedraui: 6,410 photovoltaic panels installed.
GTH stables (Lala): 5,486 photovoltaic panels installed.
Empresalia: 2,416 photovoltaic panels installed.

In addition, when the client buys solar panels, both the property and the system are covered by a guarantee policy, so that they are protected during and after installation against any damage or failure.
As an added value, Enlight, on its website, has a Recorded Webinars tab where they offer information on solar panels and other relevant topics of solar energy.


The objectives of Eolicasolar are the development of solar projects for companies and individuals, the installation of photovoltaic panels, and the pumping of water with solar energy. The company has more than 10 years of experience in Chile and 18 years in Germany.

They work with residential, commercial, and industrial areas: Abastible, Arauco, Collahuasi, and Diebold, among other clients. Eolicasolar is the company that was installed in the Cathedral of Santiago de Chile, in 2014, with 76 solar panels, 40 200 Ah GEL batteries, 60 Amp Studer charge regulators, and a Studer inverter connected to the 6000W power grid.

Carried out the WOM Project, together with B Engineering, which consisted of the installation of a photovoltaic system for the telecommunications company in Calama, Chile, consisting of:

40 x 320wp Jinko solar panels
4 Epsolar 60 amp regulators
Epsolar inverter 3000w
40 200ah batteries

Eolicasolar offers a 10-year guarantee on the photovoltaic panels it sells. Additionally, its products are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions (gusts of wind, snow loads, sea breezes, and some chemical products such as ammonia).

On their website, there is a store with the different products they offer: Jinko and Sunpower brand solar panels, photovoltaic kits, batteries, and solar inverters.


Energy is a solar panel company in Argentina and has been in the market for more than 10 years.
They install photovoltaic systems On the Grid (connected to the National Electricity Grid) and Off Grid (not connected to the National Electricity Grid), solar ventilation and heating systems, solar hot water tanks, swimming pool heating systems, and industrial solutions with solar energy.

They have a variety of clients in the residential and industrial sectors, communities, companies, businesses, industries, and public and health entities such as Coca-Cola, National University of Cuyo, Government of Santa Fe, Embassy of Germany, Bodega Navarro Correas, National Commission of Atomic Energy, among others.

More than 3,000 completed projects, and more than 20 solar industries. Among them:
Santa Rosa solar park: 20,000 solar panels installed, a nominal installed power of 6.6 MW and 5.3 MW of generation

Gran Hotel Uspallata: 120 solar panels with an installed power of 165 kW
Corks from Argentina: 85 photovoltaic panels of 330W power that generate 3408 Kwh/month of clean energy

Energy is a qualified installer of distributed generation systems. This system consists of the installation of equipment such as solar panels, with which energy can be generated for own consumption (self-consumption), reduce demand, and, eventually, inject the surplus electricity generated into the distribution network, obtaining economic compensation.

They manufacture their own thermal equipment that is made in the production plant, located in the industrial zone of Mendoza.


The unique company offers solutions in photovoltaic and thermal solar systems; ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential use. Miami specializes in planning, design, supply, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems.

It is one of the Latin American solar panel companies with more than 35 years of experience.
They work with residential, commercial, industrial areas. Avanz, Telefónica, Claro, Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua, Colegio San Juan Bosco, Best Western, are some of its clients.
Among its projects are the installation of photovoltaic systems:

Cervecera de Nicaragua with 1.2MW of power generated

La Colonia Hypermarket of 140 KWp. This system generates around 200 MWh/year, avoiding 139.8 tons of CO2 into the environment per year.

Avanza Bank of 110 KWp of generated power

Supermarket La Colonia Serranía of 50 KWp. With this installation, they reduce the emission of 55 tons of CO2 to our environment.

And regarding installations of solar thermal systems:
Hospital Occidental Dr. Fernando Velez Paiz: 20,000-liter water heating This facility is the largest solar thermal system in Nicaragua!

Hyatt Place Hotel: 15 thousand liter water heating
Miami holds the record for the most photovoltaic solar systems installed in Nicaragua, for an electrical power generation capacity of more than 15MW.

Throughout its history, the company has received different recognitions, among them the “Ashden Award”, an award given to people and companies that work for the defense and research in the field of sustainable energy, received in 2009 from the hands of Prince Charles of England.


The thought of transitioning to going solar can be intimidating which is why each listed option for buying solar panels offers multiple customer support channels including free advice and quotes, solar calculators, live chat on the website to chat with a representative, and other online resources.

Best Conclusions

Prices can be difficult to compare due to the vast difference between solar panels and kits, which is why many PV companies do not post their prices online.

Investing in solar energy not only benefits the environment and your monthly electricity bills but also having a solar panel system on your roof will add value to your home when you go to sell it.

It can also be made independent since

It can also be made independent since it will directly produce the energy it uses. Solar power is cheaper to generate compared to fossil power using oil, coal, or other sources. Being responsible and aware of the environment is very important today.

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