Effective ways to write an assignment for academic review

Present-day academic journals frame the foundation of scientific research, experimentation, and revenue generation. These journals attract investor interest since they set a standard for legitimate academic research. However, the directives for publishing come from a group that is neither renowned nor paid. In the end, the reviewer takes the final decision on the article.

Now, you might ask – how do I make an effective academic review assignment? First, a proper review must shorten the size of a scholarly manuscript assessing its qualities, flaws and characteristics. Then, you should consider the set journal guidelines to approve the editor’s publication decisions.

Procedures to do a review

In the following points, we shall discuss the processes you can follow to review.

1. Take a quick peek

Go through the entire book at a glance and try to make a complete idea. First, take a quick glimpse at the preface, contents, and acknowledgements to obtain a rough idea. Next, notice the introduction, titles of the chapters, reference or index pages, and the conclusion. It will help you get a rough idea of your review topic

2. Identifying the core points and their applications

When you go through the individual sections of the text, keep a note on the core issues and their relevance with the text. Note down the details of the individual sections and identify their functions. Or you can also seek help from services like

3. Use a notebook with dual entries

A notebook that contains double columns can become helpful. You can use one column to state the observations while the other column notes down the responses. You can distinguish between the two columns of work notes and reaction notes.

4. Follow a critical reading approach

An integral approach to reading requires the student to ask questions and create answers. First, a critical reader takes note of the text, its author, themselves including their surrounding context. Then they ascertain the reason for the writer to assess the process and the causes of their choice.

5. Consider the author

On writing a review, try to consider the author, their works, their experience that led to the writing. You might want to think about the author’s purpose behind writing the review. Why did the author write about Myassignmenthelp Review, and how does it apply in real-time?

6. Take yourself into account

As the interpreter and evaluator of the text, think about your viewpoint, probabilities, and knowledge. Start with a position statement that can outline how you approach the subject. Next, try to find out the reasons for your likes or dislikes.

7. Identify the purpose of writing

During an academic review, try to understand the reason behind the writing. It can either mention the personal motive of the author or the scholarship that the book refers to in writing.        

Finding the proper connections

You can also find the connection between the present work with similar other works. Or, you can identify the main concepts in the course. Then, when you make the review, you must find the implication of the assignment. According to My Assignment Help Reviews, you need to figure out the value of the work in real life.

Try to find the missing links like the evidence or the developmental methodologies. The clarity in your understanding can help you identify the positive and negative aspects of the review.

Academic reviews help to improve educational programs constantly. It investigates the condition, impact, and success of such programs. They can also direct the next steps that can push the initiative forward. Therefore, educational authorities decide on the strategic deployment of resources in the program.  

Sometimes, invitations are placed for external academic teams to work with the administration and faculty. In this way, the institution can gain a proper direction to move forward in the plan.    


Reviews require thorough scrutiny that judges the quality of the academic paper. But, the reviewers need to complete these processes within a limited time frame. The above paragraphs offer some conducive methods to establish a literary review. Reviewers need to consider several factors when they work on these academic assignment papers.

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