How to Draw A Snow Globe

How to Draw A Snow Globe. There are many unique and exciting objects and ornaments that you can use to decorate your home.

Many of these ornaments are not only meant to look good but also to commemorate a specific event or holiday.

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The snow globe is an example of an ornament that serves both of these purposes. This intricate little object generally contains a small scene in a pedestal glass sphere, often a snowy town. Turning it upside down will cover the scene in “snow,” so snow globes are often associated with Christmas.

Learning to draw a snow globe is a great way to create your design for one of these ornaments! This is the perfect guide if it sounds like something you want to learn.

How to Draw A Snow Globe

Step 1

Without a glass ball, a snowball would pour water and artificial snow everywhere! We wouldn’t want that, so for this first step of our how-to draw a snow globe guide, let’s start with the glass globe itself. This will be almost perfectly circular. To make things easier, you could start using a compass and pencil to draw a perfect circle.

Then you could go beyond the lines with your pen. However, instead of drawing a perfect circle, let’s draw a reasonably flat base for the globe. If you used this method, you might want to erase the pencil lines before proceeding to step 2!

Step 2

We mentioned that a snow globe would be a big mess without a glass globe! Likewise, a snow globe needs a foundation to keep the world from rolling everywhere. This second step will add this base to your snow globe design.

First, draw a thin border at the flat base of the globe. Next, extend a few short, slightly curved lines down from the edges of this edge. Finally, add another border at the bottom of the base by drawing a few more curved lines.

Step 3

Every giant snow globe needs a nice little scene in the world, and that’s what we’ll add in this third step of our focus on how to tauten a snow globe. You could also use this element to frame your scene, but in our design, we’re going to draw a cute cottage with some pine trees.

First, use a wavy line near the globe’s base for the snowy ground. Next, we draw the first of the pine trees. The tree is removed in several acute triangular sections.

Each section gets a little fuller as you move down, and each has a thin border at the base. Finally, draw the slender trunk in the tree seat, then move on to step 4.

Step 4

You’ve created one tree for the scene in this snow globe design, but we’ll add another in this fourth step, along with some minor details. Repeat exactly what you did in the previous step to add a pine tree on the left. Once we’ve added this second tree, let’s draw some minor details. To do this, add some details in a straight line to the different sections of the snow globe base and the trees themselves. These will help make these aspects more structured. Then you’re ready for some final elements and details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

You can complete the final details before moving on to the last step of this how-to draw-a-snow globe guide! First, we draw a little snowman standing in front of the cottage. Speaking of the house, let’s remove that, too, now.

Draw A Snow Globe

The house will have a thick snow-covered roof with a small chimney. Once we have the location drawn, let’s add the artificial snow. You could represent snow by drawing small circles on the globe.

In the next step, we’ll discuss colors and some creative ways you can depict snow!

Step 6

In the previous step of this snow globe design, we mentioned that we were going to discuss some creative ways you can depict snow. One option would be to use a few thick drops of acrylic paint to give the snow a deeper look.

Snow globe Drawing

Another way would be to glue some tiny white or glittery beads onto the image. How else can you imagine depicting snow? Then you can add cozy colors to the rest of the picture. We recommend some watercolors for a softer look, but what will you choose to top it off?

Your Snow Globe Drawing is Finished!

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