Master in Computer Science from Canada: Eligibility, Fee, Universities & More

Labeled as the #1 destination for study abroad by many trusted sources, Canada is a sure thing when it comes to a Master in Computer Science degree. You can study in many top locations in Canada and have a personalized lifestyle. Along with world-class education, Canada is a famous tourist country popular worldwide. Millions of international students target Canadian universities every year for higher education. If you are looking for a place with excellent computer science courses and a diverse and interactive environment, Canada is the place for you.

Why Computer Science From Canada

Did you know Canada is considered ‘the best investment for your future?’ The major reason for this is your return on investment (ROI). Compared to the USA and UK, studying in Canada is quite affordable. You can also find a wide variety of universities with different tuition fee ranges in the country. A Master in Computer Science from Canada is surely one of the very best things you can do. The tech and IT market in Canada are always booming and very diverse. With better career opportunities, you also get to earn more.

On average, a computer scientist earns around CAD 60,000 to 100,000 annual income in Canada (about 37-60 lakhs). The numbers can greatly increase depending on your choice of university and the organization you work in. For instance, Glassdoor has continuously reported six-figure salaries offered to experienced computer science specialists in Canada. Also, the computer science courses in Canada have a special feature. Such courses’ curriculum is supported by a strong and flexible theoretical background that matches the industrial trends quite well.

With great earnings, Canada is one of the most friendly countries. The community there is multicultural and extremely friendly to students, domestic or international. This is one of the things that facilitates you to apply to Canadian universities. In contrast to other educational destinations, you can easily get admission to Canadian institutes. Canadian universities’ visa and immigration processes are not very complex, and the students often prefer to apply for them instead of elsewhere.

Master in Computer Science: Eligibility & Fee

Canada is a great country to study computer science. But to start applying for the program, you have to be eligible. Canadian or say any university abroad needs some standard requirements you must arrange. Every student has to submit these necessities as they are not flexible to your choice and interests.

Eligibility criteria for master’s in computer science from the USA:

  • a three-year or equivalent undergraduate degree
  • standardized test scores (GRE/GMAT)
  • IELTS or TOEFL test scores
  • an application fee

Once you manage these necessary documents, you become eligible to apply to a Canadian university. Keep in mind that some universities may have a GRE/GMAT waiver. Even then, it is recommended to attempt these tests as such universities are not much in numbers. The average tuition fee for a master’s in computer science in Canada is somewhere around 20-30 lakhs per year. This makes a total tuition budget of 40-60 lakhs.

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Master in Computer Science: Top Universities

Canada-based universities are more than capable of delivering world-class programs in computer science. Names like UBC and Mcgill are among the most specialized institutes in the world to offer computer science master courses. Canada is your country if you prefer a location that allows you to graduate with a great value degree and big industries to work in after graduation. However, one must know the top universities in Canada for masters in computer science advancement. This allows you to save valuable time and effort.

Top universities worldwide to target for Master in Computer Science:

1University of TorontoToronto
2University of British ColumbiaVancouver
3University of WaterlooWaterloo
4McGill UniversityMontreal
5Universite de MontrealMontreal
6University of AlbertaEdmonton
7Simon Fraser UniversityBurnaby
8Queen’s University at KingstonKingston
9University of CalgaryCalgary
10University of OttawaOttawa


What is better than pursuing a computer science degree from a country that is probably the best investment you will ever make? Canada is not just an excellent place for computer science studies but also to work in. The post-grad records and earnings make Canada the #1 destination for international students. Browse through the top Canadian universities to make a decision, then start preparing.

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