NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR is an integrated and robust solution designed to address the needs of your organization. It provides a range of features, including a mobile application that complements clinical workflows. NextGen Enterprise is a fully customizable, integrated solution that is easy to configure and expand to suit your organization’s specific needs.

NextGen Enterprise

robust solution that’s adaptable to suit your specific needs.

NextGen EMR Enterprise is a highly integrated, flexible solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific organization. Unlike traditional enterprise-level EHRs, NextGen is flexible enough to accommodate custom development requirements, from the front-end to the back-end. Customizations can be made to the application to fit specific practices and quality initiatives, as well as small subspecialties.

NextGen Enterprise can support your practice’s current workflows, as well as future ones. This solution enables your organization to customize its features to meet the needs of your employees and patients.It can be tailored to fit the needs of all practice areas, from single office settings to multi-location practices.
NextGen Patient Portal improves population health between visits.

NextGen Patient Portal

improves population health between visits

An advanced patient portal can help healthcare providers better manage patient health information between face-to-face visits. By providing access to electronic health records, a patient portal can make analyzing patient data faster and easier. It can also improve workflows for healthcare providers.

A patient portal allows patients to view their medical records and send secure messages to their providers. This makes it easier to manage their own health between appointments, thereby improving patient satisfaction and adherence to care plans. It can also improve overall population health, since patients can manage their health without a visit to the doctor.

The NextGen Population Health Platform can work with any EHR. Its integrated tools combine data from various sources to provide actionable insights that help healthcare organizations improve the health of their population. With these insights, healthcare providers can better manage chronic conditions and prevent illness. They can also lower costs and implement care management.

NextGen Mobile.

complements clinical workflows

NextGen Mobile is a powerful, cloud-based clinical documentation and collaboration application. It complements clinical workflows by bringing critical patient information to the fingertips of clinicians and other staff members. It can be used on any Android or iOS device, and provides access to multiple EHR systems, enabling improved care coordination and documentation.

NextGen Mobile complements clinical workflows with the NextGen EMR. The software is highly customizable, with a user-friendly interface. It can even integrate with an existing EHR. The integration is available in select markets and requires a license. NextGen EMR integrates with Wolters Kluwer, a leader in professional information and solutions.

OnBase integration with NextGen.

OnBase NextGen EMR has been used by thousands of medical practices nationwide. The software supports all specialties and features powerful reporting tools, bookmarks, and world-class content services. Users can easily access patient information with a click of a button.

NextGen is a low-cost EMR with a user-friendly interface and a flexible scheduling tool. It features auto-generation of narrative notes based on patient responses. The software also offers voice dictation and free text input for the convenience of office staff. In addition, NextGen is compatible with many imaging devices.

NextGen EMR also features a fax server. This feature allows for secure document transmittal. NextGen EHR integrates with RightFax EMR. NextGen EMR ensures the safety and security of confidential documents. It also automates workflows and streamlines the entire process.


NextGen EMR was founded in 1998 by two physicians with one goal in mind: to make medical office operations more efficient. They designed a system that would accommodate the workflow of physicians and staff alike, while still providing an easy-to-use interface. NextGen’s EMR software is affordable and customizable to the needs of any medical facility. It can be used from any location, whether on-site or off-site, and is very easy to learn.

NextGen EMR has been receiving high praise from users for its many benefits. This software helps streamline the scheduling process and automatically handles patient cancellations and rescheduling. The system has a 3.5-star rating from customers, and it is gradually gaining popularity. However, the company has yet to reveal its pricing information, so the information provided here will help you compare the software to other solutions.

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