Popular 5 Code Editor for Swift programming Language

Code editors are specific to programming languages. Certain editors support either one of two programming languages, whereas certain editors allow several programming languages. The editor can provide recommendations and highlights based upon the language support.

It is a kind of code editor, or we could say it’s the feature that is present within the editors. Structure editing allows for altering the structure of code that is based on the syntax tree. A syntax tree can be nothing more than the structure of code written in the programming language.

The editors for code don’t make the code compile. They just allow you to edit and write your source code.

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Swift the Apple’s programming language

This is an open source, intuitive and free multi-paradigm programming language developed and introduced to the world by Apple during 2014. It was designed to develop apps designed for iOS as well as macOS swiftly and effectively, seamlessly integrating to Frameworks, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch which can be used to program any library that is written using Objective-C. The language is accessible to educators, developers and students with the Apache 2.0 license.

Swift is designed to make the process of creating and maintaining programs simpler for developers by allowing inferred data types that make the code more efficient and less susceptible to error. The Swift programming language was designed to replace C, C ++ and Objective-C-based languages, with more performance. Additionally, it is always in development and under constant monitoring of the development that the language is making.

What is Code Editor?

Code editors , also known as source code editors are programs that have been specifically designed to assist developers to code. These are text editors , with added features that allow you to edit and manage code. It can work as a stand-alone application or be component within an IDE.

The best editor for code can boost the speed of writing code.

Top 5 Code Editor for Swift Programming Language


Atom is an open source text editor and source code editor that works with macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows with support for plug-ins written in JavaScript with embedding Git Control. It’s develops with the help of GitHub, Atom is a desktop application that is built with web technologies. Atom is a no-cost text editor that is free and offered through GitHub and is manage by Microsoft.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text Editor is a powerful text editor that is extensively utilize by developers. It comes with a variety of features including Syntax Highlight, Auto Indentation File Type Recognition Sidebar, Macros, Plug-in and packages that facilitate to work using code base. sublime text is a powerful text editor that includes advanced features and is that is utilize by a lot of developers to write code because it comes with beautiful plugins, an IDE that is intelligent and elegant.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is one of the most well-known code editors built by Microsoft. It has lots of additional features, such as debugging, syntax-highlighting, clever code completion snippets, others. VS Code supports a wide variety of programming languages that range from Java, C++ along with Python up to CSS, Go, and Dockerfile. Additionally, it supports formatting and more. VS Code lets you create and add on new extensions, such as code linters and debuggers as well as the ability to develop on cloud or web platforms.


AppCode is an IDE that’s smart for developing software for iOS/MacOS. App Code comes with a lot of options, for example, when writing code using Appcode static analysis. Any of the supported languages will show each error or warning, and provide quick-fix suggestions while you type. It will also allow you to go to any function, class or symbol you’ve used in your code and quickly review only those that are relevant to your search. AppCode is compatible with XCTest, Quick, Kiwi, Catch, Boost.Test, and Google Test testing frameworks. It includes the test runner built-in with a robust UI to examine the results of tests.


CodeRunner is a no-cost and open-source multi-language editor that runs on macOS or IOS. They were making to run code in a matter of seconds across languages. It provides an IDE-level code completion that is powerful for all languages, with the ability to search for fuzzy characters, placeholders that can be selects by tabs, and document fragments. Its runs code in more than 25 languages, like AppleScript, C, C#, Go, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Kotlin, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, among other languages, and is easily expands to support additional languages.

Last Words

We’ve found that there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting an editor for code, regardless of whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems.

So, ensure that the editor you select is compatible with the type of work you’re working on as well as your level of proficiency. The amount of time you’re willing invest in learning how to use an specific code editor.

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