Practical Reasons to Learn C Sharp Programming

The decision of which programming language to study is not easy. Different languages excel at different things, so setting a target can help. If you’re looking to learn how to program and aren’t sure of the you should do next? Learn C Sharp Programming

There are a variety of languages that are a good enough choice to master no matter what it is you intend to pursue in the future. It is likely that you will discover more than one during your programming career, however beginning at the beginning with C# can be a great option. What are the reasons to Learn C Sharp Programming?

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Where Did C Sharp Come From?

C#, a middle or high level programming language created by Microsoft and first appeared in 2000. Microsoft invested massively in its development during the years following. Based on the C as well as C++ languages, yet designed to be more user-friendly to learn, the language offers an extensive set of libraries to perform various tasks.

Microsoft has designed it to be the official language for its .NET framework. Anything written with the .NET framework is compatible with Windows this is what makes C# one of the official languages used in Windows development. With the release of .NET Core, C# is now able to build apps on macOS, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi.

Reasons to Learn C Sharp Programming

C# is Simple to Learn

Despite sharing a name to languages that are notoriously difficult to master such as C or C++, C# is more friendly for beginners. C# programming is object-orientated which is believed that it is easier to comprehend for novices.

While it’s not as easy to read and simple for novices however, the layout and capabilities that are built into C# make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to gain an understanding of programming in general. The guide on object-oriented programming will explain this concept of programming.

C# has a Huge Online Community

Learning C# is never easier. In addition to Microsoft’s comprehensive and well-maintained documentation, you can find an enormous community of online instructors. YouTube blogs and videos offer a wide range of C# programming from beginner to advanced.

Its Microsoft Virtual Academy also provide instructional videos for using the C# language and development for Windows and mobile devices. Stack Overflow, which is perhaps the most popular site for developers — was written using Learn C Sharp Programming, and it’s not a surprise that it has a large user base on the site.

It’s backed by Microsoft

As of the writing time, C# is the fourth most-loved programming language as per the PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language Index). The language was also the sixth most sought-after language in 2018 on and, with Microsoft’s backing, it’s likely to cease to be in demand anytime soon.

The language has been in development for more than 20 years with new functions added every day. C# makes use of the robust LINQ library, which is designed to provide the control at a high level of objects and data structure within your program. In essence the purpose of the language is to assist with the tasks programmers do on a daily basis.

Unity Game Development

For many, the main benefit for C# is its place as the language used by Unity. Unity gaming engine. Unity’s popularity is growing and it constantly rubs against Unreal Engine, the standard in industry. Unreal Engine. It’s not difficult to understand why, since it’s accessible for all developers.

The usage of C# as a language is also an advantage in comparison to the more efficient but more difficult to master C++ employed by Unreal.

Create Cross-Platform Software

Windows remains the dominant market share of operating systems. C# is used for over 20 years to develop Windows applications based on the .NET framework. Microsoft’s development tools and language such as Visual Studio are, perhaps not surprisingly, the most effective way to create applications that run on Windows.

Microsoft recently launched .NET Core to be an open source , simplified variation of .NET framework. It is free and simple to download, it supports developers to develop cross-platform. This means that developers are able to create console or web applications for all operating systems.

Develop apps that work for Android and iOS

Android development typically takes place within Java. To develop for iOS development, you’d utilise Swift and Objective C. That means that if you were to develop an application for both kinds of phones, you’ll have to master two different languages. Xamarin has been designed in order to combat this issue.

The framework lets you write code with C#, and compile to both iOS and Android. This means that you can utilize the same source code for both platforms, and then update both apps using a single codebase. In addition to the base code of your app being written in a single programming codebase, Xamarin allows for GUI design for each platform as well.

Last Words

C# is a powerful and flexible programming language that’s popular. If you enroll in an online class in the language or read an instructional guide for beginners for Unity, the Unity games engine, it will help you gain important skills that are applicable to numerous applications.

This blog focuses on the Reasons to Learn C Sharp Programming, there are alternatives that are equally effective. JavaScript is definitely the top front-end of the internet, and due to its use in machine learning — Python could be the language of the future.

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