SPSS vs Excel: Which One is The Best Tool For Statistics

SPSS Vs Excel is a constant issue for students studying statistics. Today, I will present to you the most effective ever comparison of SPSS and Excel.

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SPSS stands for statistical package designed for Social Science. It is the leader on the market in the field of statistical packaging tools. There are many uses for SPSS which are thought of as the data manipulation derivative and storage. It comes with two methods to process batches, i.e., interactive batching and noninteractive ones.

SPSS inc created it, but later it was bought by IBM in the year 2009. The original name for SPSS was “under the umbrella of. After being acquired IBM, SPSS was renamed as IBM SPSS. IBM, SPSS was renamed as IBM SPSS in the year 2015.


Excel is among the most effective and simple to use statistical software. It lets you save information in tabular form, i.e., in columns and rows. Additionally, it allows you to use your data in a variety of ways.

It is possible to sort or filter information using some of the most powerful formulas. The pivot tables is the most effective feature of Excel. It is possible to use pivot tables to develop an entirely new perspective by manipulating data.

Excel offers a variety of features which can assist you in stats. There are many ways of import and export data. It is also possible to integrate the data into your workflow.

As with all other statistical software, Excel allows you to build custom functions with Excel’s programming capabilities.

Let’s Compare each of these instruments based on a few parameters.


As we’ve discussed previously, that there are a variety of applications of SPSS like it can be employed to alter data in accordance with IBM guidelines for data analytics and the field of data science. It organizes data and formulates the procedures according to Microsoft guidelines.


It is essential to use SPSS in the field of statistics since it is more efficient and provides solid performance. However excel has many advantages of Excel including an improvement in redundancy of data and more.

Real-Time Use

It makes use of ultra-fast technology like supercomputers. It is used to store an enormous amount of data.


The use of SPSS in Data Science and Data analytics industry. Business analysts and analysts who work with data extensively make use of Excel.


SPSS usage in large-scale businesses. Excel is employe where huge amounts of sensitive data is stored.


SPSS encompasses the entire field of technology. It is the most comprehensive subset of the field known as data science. Excel is one of the subsets of computer science. Hence it focuses on the analysis of data by using different techniques and methods.


  • SPSS uses to compute. This means it is compose of many subjects like data Storages and data formats. However, it does excel in mathematics based concepts like calculus, algebra along with advanced statistics.
  • SPPS shows us how to build the process in batches. It also assists us to understand memory management in areas of programming. However, Excel offers us a complete understanding of how data utilize to determine how data is stored. Excel lets us manipulate and process data to cut down on redundancy so that it becomes valuable for the future.
  • SPSS is a computers. It gives us an easy analysis of the use of storage by computers and the efficiency of memory systems. In addition Excel lets us obtain specific information from the vast array of data by using different formats that are available in Excel.
  • SPSS uses for probabilistic theories and reasoning, as well as databases, and discrete structures. However as I’ve stated, Excel offers various mathematical operations and analytics. This means that it can provide more mathematically-formulated math operations compared to SPSS.
  • SPSS is a statistical tool for batch processing. In contrast, Excel is a data manipulator.
  • The main purpose that is serve by SPSS is to utilize techniques for manipulating data to produce excellent results. However the primary goal of Excel is to save the data safely and properly handling it.
  • SPSS is an integrated component of IBM. It is the reason why it is developing the most advanced ideas. Additionally the new algorithms are developeS by IBM. However, Excel is also growing quickly. It continues to add the most powerful statistics features and is becoming quite difficult to manage. However, Excel requires some work to become the top software for statistics in the world.
  • SPSS is focus on dealing with statistics algorithms. This is why it is always prepare to update with the latest algorithms for statistics. This algorithm use for manipulation of data. In contrast, Excel is all about the fusion of maths and data storage in various formats.


SPSS as well as Excel are quite different from each other. In fact, there is no comparable between these two softwares. Excel is an Excel spreadsheet program and SPSS is a statistical analysis software.

It is possible to conduct a variety of statistical analyses with the aid of Excel. However there are a variety of options of SPSS that are regardS as an effective and complete statistics analysis tools. SPSS includes built-in tools for data manipulation, recording and transforming variables.

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