Steps To Rewrite Your Story And Transform Your Life

Stories shape the reality. They influence our ideas of what’s possible , and what’s not which allows us to make decisions that yield similar outcomes.

Follow these steps to revise your story and transform your life.

But, certain stories that are that we have in our heads cause more harm than positive. So, it is necessary to revise them.

1. Challenge The Negativity Bias In Your Current Life Story

Even if you’ve got an equal amount of good and bad experiences it is the negative ones that are more easy to remember.

This is known as negative bias. The challenge to overcome it will be your first move in changing the story you tell yourself. Because you’ve realized that it’s your natural tendency to dwell on the negative parts that happen in life You can now get your mind to think about positive things as well.

If, for instance, you are constantly thinking that you’re failing focus your attention to recall the times when you won. Moments where you helped somebody else. Moments when you demonstrated your competence.

This will allow you to stay alert to negative thought patterns to stop them before they cause havoc in your life so you can try to Transform Your Life with new story.

2. Set Yourself As The Creator

It’s ineffective to revise your story while imagining yourself as someone who life is happening to. That means you aren’t convinced that you can make the world you’re creating. Yet you can.

After sharpening your perception by recognizing the negative bias, you need to establish yourself as the creator of the story. You have the power to decide your character as well as the characters you want to portray, as well as the location of the scenes too.

Being the one who created, you could be influenced by other’s opinions, but you are the only one who can choose which ideas to pursue. This stage helps to build confidence in yourself so that you can live your life in your own way.

3. Rewrite The Origin Story To Reshape Your Life

Because you are the writer of your tale, any narratives that are limiting that you have in your head must be changed.


  • “I’ve made too many mistakes to start succeeding now” to “I’ve made mistakes that taught me lessons I can use to continue trying until I make it.”
  • “I was born at disadvantage and therefore, can’t make an impact” to “I was born disadvantaged but used those challenges to become stronger and impact others.”
  • “I wasted my youth and now I’m too old to make a difference” to “I wasted my youth, learned from it, and can now become my best self with the time I have left.”

Change your narrative about your roots can give you the drive to continue to work. If you decide to look at your life from a different viewpoint, the chances are you’ll have the courage to transform your life.

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4. Set A New Theme

What is the central concept in your tale? Tragedy, contempt, perseverance, love, redemption, rebirth?

If you’re stuck, it’s likely that you’re connecting your story to the negative subject. But what if you were able to take your story in another perspective?

How would you transform your experience of tragedy into determination? or condemnation to redemption. If your focus shifts and Transform Your Life changes, you feel different and your actions alter.

In a study of the stories of sobering alcohol addicts who claimed that their previous drinking experience had improved their lives, had a higher likelihood of remaining clean and healthy in comparison to people who didn’t.The people in the study above were able to take an event that might create guilt or blame and transformed into a tale of redemption. As themes shift, the realities alter and that’s why you should alter your own story to Transform Your Life.

5. End Chapters You Don’t Need

Like a book life is made up of chapters, both good and bad. One bad chapter doesn’t mean that you should end the story completely, no.

When you’re at a point that doesn’t offer a hope for the future, one is no longer needed close the chapter. You’ll need to find the courage to begin with a fresh one, regardless of how difficult it may be.

The end of a chapter gives you an opportunity to begin the next one. It encourages growth, and can transform your life.

6. Eliminate The Illusion Of “A Concrete You”

Change isn’t easy however, it’s not impossible. However, when you attempt to make a change only to fail several times it’s easy to conclude, “That’s just the way I am.”

However, that could not be further than the fact.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but when you adopt the growing mentality you are able to completely alter the definition about “you”.

You could tell yourself the truth that you’re a naturally slow learner and frequent procrastinator, but you have no chance of getting the results you want. As you work towards progress, you’ll observe that the image within your head begins to shift.

No matter what your life’s story is right now You must know that you are able to change your ways of thinking. Remind yourself of that every when you are feeling like everything is impossible.

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7. Establish Ways To Defeat Your Villain

If you’ve realized that you are able to change your habits It’s time to pinpoint and decide how you will beat your most formidable foe.

What is holding you back? What is the biggest obstacle that keeps coming up throughout your life?

You might not be able to conquer your adversaries one-for-all. But there are ways to conquer them every occasion they appear.

8. Shift Your Location

Research of The American Psychological Association reveal that those who work abroad are more creative than those who are confined to their home countries. This illustrates how shifting locations influence our stories.But it doesn’t mean you need to travel around the globe to alter your story. You can alter the place you go to at work, your office, and even your neighborhood, among other things.

9. Acquire New Skills

Your present life is largely dependent on the abilities you’ve accumulated to date. When you master the ability to do something new and your life story is altered, it changes.

After transforming your life using the steps above and a new story, you must create your own story using new skills. For example, if you are a financial executive who is looking to set up a business in order to transition from the 9-5 to freedom, then you should learn about the business management.

The new skills you acquire don’t need to be related to your job. They can be used to enhance your hobbies or your interests. If you’re constantly taking on new challenges and making progress, you will change the direction of your life.

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