Top Benefits of Joining to University of East London

Join to University of East London

The University of East London is a world-renowned institution that has successfully launched thousands of careers for international students through the wide range of internationally recognized high quality degree programs. Here are top benefits of joining to University of East London. The university delivers innovative and valuable educational pathways supported by a number of scholarships and other funding opportunities.

Students attending UEL will enjoy living and studying in one of the world’s leading cultural, financial and creative institutions, the city of London. London is one of the most international cities in the world. And hosts over 100,000 international students from more than 200 different countries around the world. Overseas students feel right at home at UEL, with over 300 languages spoken in the city of London and the university’s outstanding international student support. Study in UK consultant for Indian students will help you in study abroad.

8 Benefits of Study in the University of East London

1. Campus of University of East London

Take advantage of a truly University of East London campus and experience on your doorstep for when you want to network or explore the capital.

The University of East London is one of only London-based Higher Education Institutions with a self-contained campus. This means you get to know the best of both worlds: living in a thriving capital city and enjoying ‘traditional’ University experiences.

2. East London is Birth place of British Feminism

East London has a rich history when it comes to innovation and education.

Mary Wollstonecraft is the mother of British Women. She was passionate about believing in women’s rights, education and rational thinking. Also, she opened a girls’ school in Newington Green which has been converted into a non-denominational church.

The University of East London continues to address gender equality issues and our school of Architecture, Computing and Engineering has recently been recognized for promoting gender equality.

3.  Miscellaneous

East London is one of the youngest, most multicultural neighborhoods in the UK, so you have a say in which you are. At the University of East London we celebrate diversity and meet students and scholars from a variety of backgrounds from around the world. We have programs for refugees, foundation years run, and we have on-campus childcare so whatever your desires, we are here to make them happen.

Discover some of the stories from the people within the extended community of the University of East London.

4.  Innovative

There is so much art and creativity around the East End. So, that it pours out from galleries into the streets as fun murals and colorful displays. Sculpture and spaces are hidden around street corners, in parks or on cycle paths. University of East London is full of ethnicity, inventiveness and craftsmanship.

5.  Atmosphere is Green Everywhere

Sometimes all you need is a breath of fresh air and East London has you covered for those cool moments by nature. City farms, Victorian cemeteries or forests and wetlands – there’s something for everyone in the East. So, cycle in the Olympic Park, buy fresh eggs from Farm or go bird watching (or wild swimming) at Waltham stow Wetlands. Also, see bluebells in Epping Forest or have some quiet time with a book in Tower Hamlets Cemetery. Take the canal from the Olympic Park to Victoria Park or canoeing at Hackney Wick.

6.  Vocation prospects

When it comes to occupation, London is moving towards east. The area is packed with start-up businesses, established organizations, event venues and more.

The UEL is well connected in the neighborhood and internationally. Check out your on-campus accommodation to the Canary Wharf powerhouse. So, if you’ve taken your sights further afield to the rest of the world, we can put you there the communication with our global network. We have a good connection and not just because we have City Airport on our doorstep. So, whatever subject you are about to study, we will introduce you to business leaders and help you find untapped opportunities.

7.  Comprehensive

We are constantly reviewing our curriculum, so it remains innovative, inclusive and representative. We have a thriving Black Academy with a unique focus and passion for issues of social justice, racial equality, anti – racism and Black representation.

As a result, the rank of University is 1st in the UK. Also, for tackling inequality (2nd in the world) by the Times Higher Education Global Impact Ranking, 2020.

8.  Sports education

Home to the 2012 Olympics, East London continues its sporting legacy, with the University of East London playing a key role.

Thus, our Sports dock facility is use by Team USA at the Olympics. Also, our Move East London program means that anyone, whether a future athlete or a beginner. Also, they can enjoy sports classes at our stunning £ 21 million sports facility. Do you want to play competitive? We have 16 sports organization that teach at least once in a week. Our basketball, volleyball and tennis programs are the best in London. You will have the opportunity to compete regularly in British Universities and Colleges Sports leagues and competitions.

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