Warehouse and Fulfillment

Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment Improve logistics control procedures, improve operational performance

The barcode management system provides comprehensive merchandise management and tracking functions, reduces human error, and improves storage merchandise entry and shipment efficiency, helping to control costs and improve operational performance.

Compliance Labeling

Printronix Auto ID offers integrated printers with exclusive ODV barcode inspection technology. Our ODV-2D printers scan each barcode as it is printed, cross out incorrect barcodes and reprint new ones. Printronix Auto ID is one of the only companies to offer an affordable, integrated 2D barcode printer and validator.

Higher productivity, higher precision

With mobile printing solutions, employees don’t have to spend valuable time retrieving labels and documentation from centralized printers. With the ability to print when and where they need to, employees can accomplish more in less time. 

Point-of-application printing also reduces costly labeling errors, leading to fewer clerical errors.

RFID in the supply chain

Today’s smart warehouse environments use a host of high-tech solutions including WMS software, RFID tags, and complex labeling operations. RFID tags offer the ability to capture data without line of sight. This means you can take inventory in minutes or check an incoming or outgoing shipment in seconds Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment.

Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment

Increase efficiency and eliminate downtime with cross-docking

Cross-docking is the practice of unloading materials from incoming trucks and loading materials directly onto outgoing trucks with little or no intermediate storage. Cross-docking increases efficiency and reduces costs if done correctly. Our TSC Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L mobile printers come equipped with a fairly flexible platform of options to connect or mount the mobile printers to a forklift or vehicle Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment.

The right labeling supplies

Choosing the right printer is only part of the success of your application. Will your labels be stored outside? Do they need to be waterproof or do you need an RIFD tag? Genuine Supplies will work with you to identify the right label materials for your needs and ensure you get them at the most cost-effective price available.


  • Item marking
  • Labeling of pallets and pallets
  • Send and receive
  • Distribution, inventory control
  • cargo tracking
  • passenger services
  • Ticket Sales
  • Printing of receipts and coupons
  • Document management
  • Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment

Recommended models

4-inch MH Series, High-Performance Industrial Printers

This series features our flagship industrial barcode label printer with superior printhead technology, fast processor, and memory capacity to print high-quality labels at the fastest speeds.

High-Performance Industrial Printers

There are 18 MH-series 4-inch wide printer models available in our line of high-performance industrial printers. This series offers 203 dpi print resolution and print speeds up to 14 ips, 300 dpi resolution at print speeds up to 12 ips, and 600 dpi resolution making it ideal for printing 2D barcodes. very small, graphics, fine print, and other high-resolution images. Multiple resolutions and the ability to print on a wide variety of labels, ranging from healthcare patient safety, electronics, and jewelry labeling to shipping and distribution labels, make the MH Series ideal. for industrial Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment.

The MH241 Series is TSC’s conventional industrial barcode label printer built on the legacy of the MH240 Series. It brings new capabilities to those looking for solutions to address changing business challenges, from growing demands on production lines to growing operational complexities.

The MH240 Series features premium printhead technology, a fast processor, and all the memory customers will need to print high-quality labels delivered at the fastest speeds.

Sophisticated TSC Sense Care
The TSC TPH care mechanism offers an advanced level of automatic detection that ensures printhead health status in real-time, to monitor and prevent falls.

Dynamic Remote Printer Management
SOTI Connect and TSC Console provide multitasking enterprise remote printer management to reduce maintenance costs and prevent downtime of business-critical devices.

Multiple Connectivity Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment

The MH241 series offers GPIOs to support common applicators and emulations along with an optional Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac combo module with Bluetooth 4.2.

Highly adaptable to various media
The MH241 printers can be adapted to various sizes and widths of media. With precise print positioning, the MH241 and MH241T models are capable of peeling labels a minimum of 0.5 inches long. 

Brilliant user experience
The MH241T and MH241P models can easily adjust the media near the end sensor to detect media and remind users to change the media roll on the color GUI screen (media near the end). The MH241 series allows users to easily replace the printhead and platen roller without the need for dedicated tools.

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